Tanner Brown Derby Shoes


  • Materials: Calf Upper – Black, Brown, Tan
  • Design: 4 blind eyelet, plain derby
  • Lining: Full leather
  • Comfort: Leather lining, comfort insole
  • Sole: Rubber studded, shock-proof
  • Branding: Signature insole & waist
  • Laces: Wax mixed-fibre, durable hold


Introducing the Tanner – a nod to the enduring artistry and grandeur of British shoemaking. With 4 blind eyelets, the Tanner epitomizes class, crafted for those who find allure in both time-honored practices and contemporary nuances.

Material & Design: With precision and passion, the Tanner boasts a plain calf upper, available in a distinguished colour spectrum of Black, Brown, and Tan. The shoe’s simplistic yet elegant derby design is heightened by its storm welt and natural stitch, offering a flawless fusion of fashion and resilience.

Interior Comfort: Step into the luxurious confines of the Tanner, ensconced in premium calf lining and further enriched by a suede heel counter. Bask in supreme comfort provided by the full leather lining and insole, augmented by the compression density comfort insole – making every stride reminiscent of pure indulgence.

Sole & Signature Touches: Tread with conviction on its full rubber studded sole and heel, engineered with unique shock-proof protection. The Tanner’s signature branding on the insole and sole waist stands as a testament to our unwavering pursuit of excellence and meticulousness.

Finishing Touches: The Tanner is completed with wax round mixed-fibre laces, hand-selected for their robustness and longevity, assuring the shoe exudes poise and reliability with every step taken.

Channeling the heart and soul of iconic British footwear, the Tanner Brown Derby Shoes are not just an accessory; they’re a declaration of opulence, legacy, and peerless artistry.